Working Papers

Work in Progress

Daniller, Andrew M., Laura Silver, and Devra C. Moehler. “Calling it Wrong: Partisan Media Effects on Electoral Expectations and Institutional Trust.”

Allen, Douglas and Devra C. Moehler. “Loud and Clear: Effects of Extreme and Homogenous Partisan Media Diets.” 

Conroy-Krutz, Jeffrey and Devra C. Moehler. “Partisan Media and Attitudes about Electoral Malfeasance: A Field Experiment in a New Democracy.”

Nir, Lilach and Devra C. Moehler. “Choice, Ownership, or Partisanship: The Effects of Media System Traits on Knowledge Gaps in Europe.”

Moehler, Devra and Eleanor Marchant. “Constitutional Legitimacy and the Dimensions of Participatory Constitution-Making.”

Brown, Chris and Devra C. Moehler. “Measuring the Effects of Partisan Rhetoric on Attention and Influence in the Political Blogosphere.”